I had been invited along for a meeting with Xupes, which is an online luxury website dealing with pre-owned designer goods! The purpose of the meeting was to discuss their men's range, such as their watches and bags. I truly felt in awe of these stunning items, and I felt very privileged to have been given a chance to wear a few of my favourites!


I had travelled down to London from Leeds (I was up at 5:30am, just saying.) and made my way over to their studio from Kings Cross. I was picked up by Dan who specialises in watches, and got a bit of background on which brands they stock and which were the bestsellers; Rolex being the predominant brand. Whilst he was telling me, we were driving in what felt like, the middle of nowhere. Literally. As we pulled up, the area felt very 'homely', and I was surprised to find that the studio was a barn conversion! 


I got taken to a small room, in which it had a few of the items behind glass cases on display. Mens watches, women's jewellery and women's handbags. I immediately made a beeline for my favourite watch, which was the L.Leroy Rose Gold Chronometer. It was sublime! I was drawn to this watch primarily due to the fact it had a skeleton face, and I loved how sleek it looked. As I was taking photographs of all of the items, I was then introduced to Rebecca who was the Marketing Manager. She began by telling me a brief outline of the brand's history, and then allowed me to pick out my favourite watches to try on! (I was ecstatic to have been able to have these watches upon my wrist!)

I chose my favourite 5 watches to try out;

From L-R:

  1. Rolex Day-Date; Lapis Lazuli Dial 18k Yellow Gold Unisex RRP: Discontinued | Xupes Price: £16,995 
  2. Rolex Daytona; Cosmograph Chronograph 18k White Gold RRP: £17,800 | Xupes Price: £11,750
  3. IWC Portofino; Moonphase Stainless Steel RRP: £7,600 | Xupes Price: £5,495
  4. L.Leroy Marine; Chronometer 18k Rose Gold RRP: £21,000 | Xupes Price: £13,994
  5. Pierre Kunz; Tourbillon Limited Edition 18K White Gold RRP: Discontinued | Xupes Price: £34,995

My tastes when it comes to watches, is either one extreme or the other. I like watches that are either very simple and plain with no frills. However, I also like watches that are extremely in your face, blingy and bold. I found that these 6 watches, were a good balance of the two mediums!

After having the pleasure of trying these on and drooling over them, Rebecca then informed me that they often get men's bags and a few minutes later, in came a Louis Vuitton; Green Leather Vintage Keepall, and a Hermés; Courchevel Leather Birkin. (!!!) I tend to steer away from brightly coloured bags, however the Louis Vuitton looked so striking, I couldn't help but lust over it. The Hermés was stunning, and probably the only time I'll ever be close to a Birkin!

What I love about Xupes, is that even though these goods are pre-owned, they did not feel that way in the slightest! If somebody had presented these watches and bags in front of me next to the brand new ones, I genuinely wouldn't have been able to tell.

The attention to detail, and the care that goes into these products is what makes Xupes special. Furthermore, Xupes was established in 2007, which surprised me slightly, because it is still fairly 'new', yet has that traditional feel to it. I also love the fact that the business is family owned! I would just like to thank Rebecca for showing me around, and for allowing me to come into the studio to view all of these amazing items! 


Have you been on Xupes before? How do you feel about pre-owned designer goods? Out of the watches that I tried on, which is your favourite? Let me know in the comment box down below!

*This post has been sponsored.