On Friday 3rd March, all of the biggest and best bars within Leeds will all be showcasing their exclusive cocktail creations, created especially for the nights event; The Cocktail Experience! I had the pleasure of being invited to head over to their Press Evening to have a preview, and get a feel of what the event will hold, and to try out 1 or 2, (or 6) of their cocktails! I took along my friend Caitlin, and we made our way over to Aspire, the location in which The Cocktail Experience will be held at. 

To begin with, we started off by going to the Be At One stall, and tried a sample of their 'Brit Spritz'.


  • Kamm & Sons
  • Elderflower Cordial
  • Prosecco
  • Soda

I will admit, I found this drink to be a little too bitter for my taste, but their 'Flavour Wheel' was interesting, and was a great way to determine what type of drink you should order, depending on the type of spirit/flavour you like the best!

Next up, we went to the Moet & Chandon stall, and I tried out their 'Ice Imperial' drink which went down a treat I must say. As we pondered as to which stall to go to next, I noticed a cocktail in the form of a milk bottle with a bit of candy floss coming out of it... Of course, I was naturally drawn to it! The cocktail was 'Fairground' by Oracle and tasted very sweet. One of my favourites of the night! 'No.53' by Marigold was by far the most delicate looking drink and was very refreshing! 

'My Caramel Romance' by Malmaison was by far my most favourite out of them all! If I hadn't have been working the next day, I genuinely would have drunk about 5 of them! The drink tasted like a caramel frappuccino and will definitely one I will be having on the 3rd March! 'Ruby' by Jakes bar was another favourite of mine, and to finish off the evening, Caitlin and I were given our first whiskey based drink by Vice & Virtue; King Of The North. The drink was sweet and definitely opened up my eyes to trying out more whiskey drinks, it was delicious!

Thank you to Pink Gorilla for inviting me along, I had a great time and I am thoroughly looking forward to the Friday 3rd March! For more details on The Cocktail Experience, head over to their website here to see which bars will be featuring.

Have you been to any of the bars mentioned in Leeds before? Which are your favourites? What is your favourite drink to have when you head out? Will you be coming to The Cocktail Experience? Let me know your thoughts below, and don't forget to click that like button!