After a widespread of disappointment when Tom Ford announced Costa Azzurra had been discontinued late last year, Costa Azzurra is officially back, and I for one couldn't be happier!

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I remember when Tom Ford released three blue fragrances from a sub-collection of which there were:

  1. Costa Azzurra
  2. Mandarino Di Amalfi
  3. Fleur De Portofino


  • Top Notes: Seaweed, Driftwood, Agarwood, Celery Seeds, Ambrette, Cardamom
  • Middle Notes: Juniper, Myrtle, Lavender, Lemon, Yellow Mandarin, Artemisia
  • Base Notes: Mastic/Lentisque, Olibanum, Incense, Vanilla, Vetiver, Oak

Out of the three, Costa Azzurra was my immediate favourite because it was unlike any other Spring/Summer fragrance I had previously smelt. I had always been accustomed to the idea of a Spring/Summer scent being quite light, citrusy and sweet! For me, Costa Azzurra was the total opposite, an aquatic, woody scent that transported me along a coastline where the sea breeze meets the saltiness of the ocean.

The opening of Costa Azzurra began with a burst of the citrus notes that quickly dried down into a more aquatic, dense scent with the woody notes soon coming into play. Admittedly, Costa Azzurra didn't last too long on my skin and slowly began to fade between 3-4 hours which was disappointing, but allowed me to use that as an excuse to spray some more head to toe... In terms of the sillage, I found it to be soft to medium and I had been complimented several times from having worn this!

To purchase Tom Ford - Costa Azzurra, click here.

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