Tom Ford’s Lavender Extreme is fresh, creamy and bold. The bottle itself is worth a nod at too!

  • Top Notes: Lemon, Violet

  • Middle Notes: Lavender, Geranium, Rose, Cinnamon

  • Base Notes: Coumarin, Tonka Bean

I first came across Lavender Extreme in John Lewis and what initially drew me to the fragrance (regardless of the fact it was Tom Ford’s latest scent), was the bottle. The fragrance Lavender Extreme is encased in a beautiful, glass mirrored bottle that screams out luxury! But, I digress, let’s get back to the fragrance itself.

Lavender Extreme begins with a bold, sweet blast that at first feels rather overpowering but as the fragrance develops during the dry-down, that sharpness of the Lavender soon gets lost amongst the other notes. The fragrance then becomes much more creamier, almost vanilla-like due to the Tonka Bean note. In my opinion, I think that Lavender Extreme is a beautiful fragrance, however, there is nothing ‘extreme’ about the use of Lavender here…

For me, this is a perfect fragrance for somebody who like me, can only enjoy Lavender in small doses and enjoys rich, creamy scents. The longevity of Lavender Extreme lasted for up to 5-6 hours on my skin and its sillage I found to be placed somewhere between medium to heavy. The opening of Lavender Extreme is definitely the winning point throughout this fragrances performance and I would class this as genderless. Perhaps better worn for an evening setting to really make an entrance!

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