With Valentine's Day looming slowly towards us, I have found this fragrance to be sensual, sexual and the epitome of sophistication. The perfect scent for the romantic in you.

I had bought Noir De Noir at Tom Ford's Boutique in London as my first purchase from there and instantly, this fragrance brings back all of the memories in abundance. My trip to London can be found here

Noir De Noir was released in 2007 and is available in 50ml, 100ml or 250ml. It had been marketed as a unisex fragrance which at first, I was slightly dubious of as I'd initially found this to be quite feminine. However, after having worn this fragrance for quite some time now, I now understand why it's classed as unisex. With the initial spray, the notes of Saffron and Truffle come streaming through making this feel slightly feminine but as the dry down starts to occur, the notes of Patchouli and Oud Wood shifts this to a heavier albeit slightly softer scent.

Noir De Noir has gained me a lot of compliments and I've often been told the scent has been found to linger in the air long after I've walked through an area. Whilst the projection of this scent is heavy, the longevity of this fragrance is slightly disappointing as I'd say this only lasted on my skin for up to 6 hours and could only be smelt when very close to my skin. Nevertheless, it just provided an excuse to spray myself with the fragrance even more!

Overall this is a dreamy and intense fragrance and one I would definitely purchase again! You can purchase this here.

Have you smelt Tom Ford's Noir De Noir before? What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear some feedback from you!