The latest offering from Tom Ford is the stunning fragrance; Sole Di Positano. A beautiful blend that is equally as floral as it is citrusy, simply ideal for wearing throughout the Summer months!

  • Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Lemon, Calabrian Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Petitgrain
  • Heart Notes: Shiso, Orange Blossom, Neroli, Ylang-Ylang, Lily-Of-The-Valley, Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Moss

Inspired by the dreamy and beautiful Italian coastline of Positano, the fragrance begins with a fresh burst of the citrus notes which bounce off of my skin that feels rather smooth yet soft with the floral notes kicking in shortly afterwards. 

I find Sole Di Positano to have a similar vibe to the Mandarino Di Amalfi with them both being rather soft, but they differ as Sole Di Positano is predominately much more floral.

In terms of the longevity, Sole Di Positano lasted for up to 4 hours upon my skin, which is to be expected with such a light and breezy fragrance and the sillage was very light, but noticeable enough to have gained several compliments from having worn it! 

I would recommend wearing Sole Di Positano throughout the daytime, and you may be forgiven if you find yourself floating away to exotic locations with every spray... Tom Ford Sole Di Positano is available in 50ml, 100ml and 250ml and can be purchased here!

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Have you smelt Sole Di Positano before? What are your thoughts on the fragrance? Which is your personal favourite from Tom Ford when it comes to fragrances? Do let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click that 'like' button below!