I am obsessed with both of these candles! From their overall appearance, to their neat little packaging, to the design of the glass and ultimately, the projection of the smell. 


C.O. Bigelow - Smoke


This candle is strong, in your face and loud all at the same time, but somehow.. It works. I am always instantly drawn to heavy scents, whether they come in aftershave form or in a candle. I was in Liberty in London at the time when I first came across this, and what drew me to it was the font on the glass. It was very similar to the one I have on my blog and it looked extremely striking when placed on the shelf.

I decided to smell this and within seconds, I was besotted. It smelt of pure, black ash smoke and one of the reasons I love this is because it is incredibly unique and I've not smelt anything similar to this in a long time! This candle features the notes of Fresh Cardamom, Cold Winter Air and Clove Buds. Let's be honest, now you've seen the note of 'Cold Winter Air' you're instantly intrigued right? Smokey Embers, White Musks, Warm Cedar and Silver Birch also make up the notes of this candle too. 

I've chosen this candle as a Valentine's Gift because it is the epitome of masculinity and would instantly cover the whole room when lit. You can purchase the C.O. Bigelow - Smoke candle here.


Diptyque - Rosaviola


I happened to smell this candle whilst in Liberty in London at the same time as smelling the C.O. Bigelow candle. My poor bank balance! I adore this candle's packaging as the Diptyque's iconic label comes in fabric form this time! The glass itself is a baby pink and the overall appearance of it is just so cute! Diptyque had appointed the artist Olympia Le Tan, for this special Valentine's candle.

Rosaviola smells like the sweeties, Parma Violets so if they're one of your favourite sweets then you'd be foolish not to purchase this! The notes include; Rose, Traces of Lipstick and a subtle undertone of Leather. Again, you're intrigued by the 'Traces of Lipstick' note aren't you? Now this candle exudes femininity so this would be a perfect gift for that special lady in your life. 

Diptque - Rosaviola is a Limited Edition candle specifically for Valentine's so be quick if you want to purchase this here!

Have you smelt either of these candles before? I'd love to hear some feedback from you!