Prior to receiving the invitation to the Zadig & Voltaire; Fragrance Launch, I didn't have much knowledge on Zadig & Voltaire, other than it being a chic, Parisian brand! 

I travelled down from Leeds to London, and made my way over to the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, where the event was to take place. As I entered, I was shown the way downstairs, and upon arrival, I received a stamp and was greeted by the lovely Miranda, the host for the night. The venue had a really edgy vibe to it, and I liked how dark and grungy the setting was, completely different to any other event I have attended! I had a spray of both of the fragrances; This Is Him! & This Is Her! and unsurprisingly, I immediately took a liking to the male fragrance. Spicy, intense and powerful, this fragrance holds some of the key factors I look for when finding a new scent! I particularly like the design of the two bottles, both of which have a jagged edge to them, in which they can interlock when pushed together!

A little pop up stand was placed in the corner, where you could choose from two designs in which you could get 'tattooed' onto your skin, I chose the #THISISZADIG design and had this sprayed on my lower forearm! Unfortunately, I had to catch my train, so I left a little earlier than I had hoped! As I left, I was lucky enough to have received a goody bag with the two fragrances in, in which I will share with you the This Is Him! fragrance in more detail. Throughout the journey home, I kept getting little wafts of the This Is Him! fragrance, and found it more intriguing as the night went on.


  • Top Notes: Grapefruit, Black Pepper
  • Middle Notes: Incense, Vanilla
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood

The opening of the fragrance begins with a spicy feel to it with the Black Pepper and the Incense notes blending beautifully together. The fragrance then takes a different direction, and feels slightly creamier, yet remaining strong without being too overpowering. I had worn the fragrance the day after the event at work, and was slightly taken aback due to the amount of compliments I had received. Not because I disliked the fragrance, but because I didn't think that the projection was as strong as other people were making out! However, having said that, that is the sign of a good fragrance; when you can't smell something on your skin, yet others around you can. The longevity of This Is Him! lasted for up to 5 hours on my skin, which was slightly disappointing, but a valid reason to go back and top it up right?

This Is Him! & This Is Her! fragrances are both releasing Nationwide tomorrow (Monday 12th September 2016) and both come in the 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml!

Will you be trying these fragrances out? Are you a fan of Zadig & Voltaire? Have you ever visited the Ace Hotel in London? Let me know your thoughts down below, as I would love to hear from you!