This little hideaway in Huby really is heaven on Earth.

My friends had always pestered me to go with them but I had never really been one to appreciate scenery and I'd always found that being out in the sticks was for a more... 'mature' audience shall we say? There was only so much nagging one could take before finally cracking, so I had entrusted my friend with the directions and off we went.

My initial thought when I'd pulled up was confusion as to why my friend had brought me to essentially what are huge, boulders of rocks piled on top of each other. How was this meant to be pleasure? Anyway, we started the climb up to the very top and a lot of people who know me would say that I am quite dramatic. (I strongly disagree with this, but there we go.)  "Omg I can't breathe." "Why is it so far away?" "Can't you just carry me up there?" were just a few of the things I'd say whilst my friend looked down at me in frustration!

We finally reached the summit and all my whinging and moaning faded away as I stood there admiring the view. It was stunning. I could see for miles on end and everything just seemed still. It felt as if me and my friend were the only two people on the planet at that moment. We had arrived just in time to watch the sun go down for the night and I'm so glad we did. This place has changed my view on what I would once have called "Isn't that what OAPs go to do?"

I now have a newfound love for Nature and Travel and I strongly recommend everyone who lives within North Yorkshire to go take a visit; Almscliffe Crag.