Ah, I do love Autumn. I love everything about Autumn. But one of the main things I always get giddy over is a strong, warm scented candle.

Diptyque was created in 1961 in Paris and was founded by three friends who all had the same vision and passion for luxury. Diptyque is now one of the most recognisable brands when it comes to home products and is largely successful worldwide. 

I own four Diptyque candles currently; Vanille and Patchouli from their 'Standard Candles' range, their 2014 limited Christmas edition - Épice, and the latest one I currently purchased is the John Galliano Candle as part of their 'Boutique Exclusives' range. Over the next few months I will certainly be adding to my collection!



I could write for days on end about how much I adore the John Galliano Candle. The ingredients used to create this are Russian Leather, Dark Bark, Mellows Musks and Dried Herbs.

Now having read those ingredients I'm sure you'll agree that it sounds like a very masculine, powerful candle and you'd be correct. Once first lit I couldn't help but feel as if I was in a 1950's Gentleman's Lounge as it creates a smokey, musky aroma that feels timeless. This is a candle I feel which would be be best suited to Winter as it is quite a heavy scent. 

Everything about this candle however, could not be more polar opposite to the Vanille candle which is another little gem.  



The Vanille Candle is divine. The smell can immediately uplift any room and is very prominent. Although it is Vanilla which is often thought to be a soft ingredient, the Sandalwood and Elemi blend perfectly together creating a spicy aroma. I often light this candle around February just as we're coming out of the cold, bitter weather and going into Spring so it gives the feeling of newness. 

The Patchouli Candle I found bland and meek. It didn't capture my attention like the other candles did and I was often forgetting I had lit this one as the projection of the aroma fell weak. 

The Épice Candle will be under review this Winter with it hopefully being re-released as part of the Diptyque Holiday Collection 2015 so be sure to come back for that review!

Have you smelt any Diptyque products/candles before? Which is your favourite? Let me know as I'd love to hear your comments!