I promised myself not to succumb to the clichéd 'Reasons why I love Autumn' posts and told myself not to post one, but alas, my willpower is abysmal and here we are!


Autumn for me is a time to reassess yourself and work on improvements. Many people find that the month January is the time to do that, but I find that if you start to work on yourself now, by the time it comes to the New Year you'll be ready.

Making lists seems to be all I do in this season! Lists for what to buy when it comes to payday. Lists for plans I have to do before Winter hits us. Lists for everybody's birthday's and gifts I have to purchase so I don't miss anybody out. (God forbid.) Whilst I'm on the subject of gifts, why on earth does it seem to be everybody's birthday all of a sudden!? Do they not realise Christmas is fast approaching!?? People can be so selfish.


Anyway. My absolute favourite day is almost upon us, no I'm not talking about Christmas, or my birthday for that matter. I'm talking about Halloween! I adore Halloween for the fact that you can dress up however you want and this year I'll be going all out for it! I'll make a post on my Halloween outfit and makeup soon so be sure to come back and check that out.

There are many reasons why I love Autumn and here are just a few:

  • Cosy nights in.
  • Big, cuddly, warm jumpers.
  • The sea of colours; reds, yellows, browns and oranges on the trees.
  • Autumn walks.
  • The effortless style of the A/W fashions.
  • The cold air.
  • Dark, dull mornings.
  • Halloween.
  • Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.
  • The humongous wrap around scarves.
  • Tailored fitting coats.
  • The moody, sensual make up on females. 

How do you feel about Autumn? Do you love it? Or do you dread it? I'd love to know what you think! Leave your comments in the comment box below.