Baldwin Men Care had contacted me in the hopes of me reviewing their Moisturising Lotion for them, I of course gladly accepted and I am so glad I did! The Baldwin Moisturising Lotion is possibly one of the best Moisturisers I've ever used.

The ingredients which are used within this moisturiser are all natural which is a huge plus as nobody wants damaging ingredients on their skin now do they!? The ingredients are: Argan Oil, Jojoba, African Shea Oil and Centella Asiatica which has been taken from the Centella Plant. 

It has a really nice, masculine scent to this which I could smell the whole time whilst wearing this. I've always suffered from dry, flakey skin so when it comes to moisturisers, it's very hard to find one that ticks all the boxes for me. This moisturiser does all that! My skin now feels smoother and the overall appearance looks brighter and doesn't appear to look as dull as it sometimes does. 

What I love about this moisturiser as well is that it doesn't have a shine to it. Most moisturisers I've used prior to this have all had a sheen to them which has made my face/skin appear to look a tad sweaty and oily! This product doesn't do that thankfully and it has a mattifying effect to it which is a huge plus in my eyes. The texture of this moisturiser is smooth and feels light, it also easily absorbs into my skin when once applied. 

Have you tried the Baldwin Moisturising Lotion before? What did you think? Give me some feedback as I'd love to hear from you!