Hotel Chocolat 'The Valentine Goody Bag'

It wouldn't be Valentines without chocolates, so it felt only natural to to select the finest chocolates from my favourite chocolatiers: Hotel Chocolat! I'd gone into my local store and immediately, I was drawn in by the gorgeous display of their chocolates, all neatly laid out in their packaging placed upon the shelves. 

If I was the sort of man who was able to eat chocolate by the bucket loads, I could easily have bought the whole display. Alas, I'm not lucky enough to be able to get away with that! I'd spent a few minutes before finally deciding that their 'Valentine Goody Bag' would be the one that I would purchase. 

In this neatly packaged bag you get a variety of tasty, little chocolates!

Salted Caramels | Eton Mess | Nudge Nudge Caramel Hearts | Champagne Truffles | Valentines Duo


Without a doubt, the Salted Caramels are my favourite of the bunch. They come in the form of 6 little love hearts and the caramel just oozes out perfectly. I found the Eton Mess to be slightly too sweet for me as I'm much more of a savoury person. The Nudge Nudge Caramel Hearts got eaten up very quickly I must admit.. I also really liked the Champagne Truffles, however I wish there was more! Perhaps that's just my greed coming through. The Valentines Duo came in a pack of two, one of which had berry liquor in it (Mouth wateringly good) and the other was a hard milk praline, perfect if you're a fan of nutty chocolate!

If you're still scrambling for ideas on what to buy for your other half this Valentines, then this is ideal. The price tag for this bundle of divine chocolates is £18 and can bought be in your local Hotel Chocolat store, or here online.

So that's the end of my Valentine's Week! How have you all found it? Which post have you liked the best? Least? I'd love to hear feedback from you all! 


PS. Have a lovely Valentines!