I've previously written about Baldwin Men Care before, reviewing their Moisturising Lotion which you can view here! I'm very thankful that they got in touch with me again, as it meant I was able to try out their latest Nourishing Cream. It comes as no surprise that Baldwin have produced yet another top quality product!


This cream repairs any damage done to your skin and has the ingredient of Vitamin E which has been proven to protect it. It also states that it maintains the elasticity of your skin, this little fact was the one that got me giddy to try this in particular, as I welcome any products that keep my skin looking youthful! The ingredients within this Nourishing Cream are Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Dead Sea Minerals. All of which are free from Parabens and SLES! 

This Nourishing Cream instructs to apply this onto clean skin before going to bed. I'm usually quite wary of applying night creams onto my skin/face overnight, as I always feel a little apprehensive on the outcome the next morning, such as outbreaks, rashes, redness etc. However, I needn't have worried with this product! As each morning passed, my skins overall appearance looked healthier and radiant! My skin also felt smoother to touch, and didn't feel as dry as my skin sometimes does. 

The texture of this is smooth, and glides over my face easily when massaged into my skin. It also absorbed itself almost completely when first applied! This cream has the Baldwin Men Care signature scent to it, smelling masculine and fresh, without being too powerful, which I'm sure you'll agree is ideal for an overnight cream! 

You can purchase this here!