I'd been pondering as to what to feature for my 'Easter 2016' post for quite some time. Should I feature lots of different products? Should I do a big, glossy post on various Easter eggs? Should I talk about my favourite Easter goodies? Those were just a few ideas, all scrambled up in my brain. But for some reason, I just wasn't feeling any of those.

Not because I think they're rubbish by any means! I just felt slightly... Uninspired by them. Yet, that is when it hit me. Why don't I do something different, and talk about what Easter means to me? I'm not going to go all 'preachy' on you, so don't panic!

Easter this year to me, is going to be very special. Without a shadow of a doubt, one to remember for many years to come. Why so special? Perhaps it's due to all of the different events that I have coming up. Not to mention the fact it's my birthday in April! (April 22nd, that's a date that you can all leave in your reminders on your phone by the way!) I'll keep you all updated on all of the events that I attend, so make sure you check back for those!

Easter to me is a time of renewal. When the surroundings of nature begin to blossom, the nights start to get shorter, the weather gets warmer, and everybody's moods seem to have been uplifted. These past few years I've always felt that we've had our Summer in Spring, anybody agree with me on that? I will be spending my Easter Sunday with my family, most probably stuffing our faces with Easter Eggs, that will instantly turn into bites of regret. My chosen Easter Egg for this year, is the Sculptured Column Egg from Marks and Spencer!

This Easter time will also mark my blog's 6 months Birthday! I find that when I talk about my blog sometimes, it's as if I'm talking about my child. Anybody else feel that way about their blog? If you've been following my journey up until this point, then I'd like to thank you for sticking with me. I have lots more coming up, and I cannot wait to share it all with you!

Enjoy your Easter, and I hope you all stuff your faces with all of the chocolates that you get, to your heart's content!