Every Christmas without fail, I always treat myself to one of the Diptyque Christmas candles! I tend to go for the warmer, spicier scents, as to me, that's what Christmas should smell like. Cinnamon mixed with spices which fill the whole room, creating a cosy atmosphere for the Christmas period!

I had visited my local SPACE NK store in the hope of purchasing the 'Epices' candle, and was about to make my way over to the checkout when suddenly, the set of three Miniature Christmas Candles caught my eye... With there being a difference of £30 between getting one, as opposed to the three, I felt I could justify this. I mean, it is nearly Christmas after all right!?



Act 1: Un Encens Étoilé

Incense - Vanilla - Elemi

I must admit, this is my least favourite out of the three. I have found this too sweet, and slightly disappointing in the sense that it didn't smell as strong as the other two. 

You can purchase Encens Étoilé here.



Act 2: Epices Et Délices  

Gingerbread - Honey - Star Anise

My absolute favourite Christmas candle! Gingerbread mixed with a dash of honey blending with the star anise note. Spicy and warm, a candle that truly epitomises the definition of 'Christmas'! In terms of the sillage, to say that this is only 70g, it definitely packs a punch, and can be smelt long after being blown out. With that being said, I think I may return to purchase a slightly bigger size of this candle.. 

You can purchase Epices Et Délices here.



Act 3: Le Roi Sapin 

Fir Balsam - Pine - Artemisia

I usually dislike 'earthy' scents, especially for a Christmas Candle, however, with this one it creates the perfect illusion of a 'Winter Wonderland'. The bold, woodsy notes blending with Patchouli create a feeling of a cold, frosty morning whenever I burn this! The sillage is heavy, yet the longevity of Sapin quickly fades.

You can purchase Le Roi Sapin here.


Diptyque have truly outdone themselves this year in terms of the design and packaging! I am in awe of the jars, and I find the artwork on each candle really simple, yet striking. Don't forget to check out my blog posts on various other Diptyque candles such as the Rosaviola and John Galliano candles! Also, with Christmas less than a month away, this gift set would be a gorgeous little present for somebody! Or yourself..

Have you smelt any of the Diptyque Holiday Candles? Which is your favourite out of the three? Do you own any Diptyque candles? Which is your favourite? Let me know your thoughts down below as I'd love to hear from you, and don't forget to hit the 'like' button!