A couple of years ago I sampled the GlamGlow: ThirstyMud Hydration Treatment, and what I remembered most about the ThirstyMud was how effective this was for my skin in terms of how refreshed and hydrated my skin felt! Fast forward a couple of years to now, and I have very kindly been gifted the GlamGlow: FlashMud Brightening Treatment. Having had a good experience already prior to receiving the FlashMud, it is fair to say I was rather excited to try this Treatment out!


To begin with, I cleansed my face and patted it completely dry and then began to massage the FlashMud onto my skin. The first thing that struck me with the FlashMud product was the scent, that sweet, sweet Raspberry scent, taking me back to my childhood days eating Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream on a hot Summer's Day! Is it just me that thinks it's Raspberry? Anyway... Back to the application!

Once the FlashMud had covered my face, I then left this on for 20 minutes as recommended to maximise the Treatment to its full potential and as time got closer to the end, the colour began to fade a little which was a good indicator to the FlashMud's ingredients absorbing into my skin properly. The texture of FlashMud was a good consistency and didn't feel too heavy or dense when applied on my skin. After 20 minutes had passed, I then began to wipe off the FlashMud and my skin felt so much smoother and cleansed! 

FlashMud Brightening Treatment recommends that after your first use, you then use for 3 days in a row to really begin to notice a difference and for me personally, I began to see a difference after 2 days. I have many late nights which can often make my skin look tired, dull and not so chic, but with the FlashMud Brightening Treatment, I really felt as though this gave my skin a healthy glow without looking too shiny and I loved how much brighter and clean my skin looked!

To purchase the GlamGlow: FlashMud Brightening Treatment, click here! I also hope to review a few of their other Treatments so do keep checking back for these very soon...

Have you tried this FlashMud Brightening Treatment before? What did you think? Did you notice a difference on your skin? Have you tried any GlamGlow products before? If so, which ones? Which ones would you like me to review for my blog? Do let me know as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click that 'like' button below!