As a fan of GlamGlow and all of their creative masks (Yes I'm talking about those My Little Pony Glitter Masks!) I was incredibly excited when a well put-together package with the Supermud range from GlamGlow arrived containing;

Image (8).png

I had already heard good things about this range previously so I was keen to try this out for myself. The Supermud range helps to unclog and reduce the appearance of blocked pores and those pesky blackheads! The powerful activated X-Charcoal featured within the Treatment helps to draw out dirt, oil, congestion and other impurities. With this current heatwave that we're experiencing here in England, I had recently broken out with a spot or two so I was curious to see if this would live up to its hype...

I cleansed my face to begin with using the SuperCleanse which left my skins appearance looking a lot cleaner and I found that the cleanser didn't irritate my skin either. Once my skin had been cleansed, I then used the SuperMud Clearing Treatment and applied a thin layer of this onto my skin by using the mini GlamGlow brush. Whilst using this, you do only need a small amount to apply as it is quite dense and can feel a little heavy when on your skin.

Once it had been applied, a tingling sensation began but that just meant that the treatment was beginning to absorb all of the dirt and was working! When you first apply the Treatment, the colour of the mask is a dark grey, but as the Treatment starts to work you will begin to see that the colour becomes a lot lighter and you can feel the mask tightening! It advises you to leave this on between 5-20 minutes, but for me personally, I began to remove this around the 15-minute mark as I felt that the Treatment had worked enough for me to begin to see a difference. 

I then rinsed off the Treatment and could instantly feel that my skin felt a lot smoother, it appeared a lot clearer and the little spots/breakout I had had been visibly reduced! Overall, I loved this range; SuperMud but the only tiny teeny negative for me with regards to the treatment was that it smelt a little like liquorice which I cannot stand... But that's just a personal preference and we're talking about the actual functionality of the skincare product as opposed to a scent!

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