I have worked with MMUK Man on many posts before such as their BB Cream, Concealers and Make Up and I had recently been gifted 2 items from them, this time, to help get my eyebrows into shape and my beard looking strong!

Being blonde and fair skinned, my eyebrows haven't always been the most prominent but having said that, I haven't exactly been one to take care of them either other than to pluck the odd hair out of its place. That being said, my facial hair is quite short as my hair is bleached so I find that these two can clash but, nevertheless, I was still keen to try this out for my facial hair!

I had been sent; 

  • Hi-Brow Shadow
  • Brush Ware / Brow Angle 15

To begin with, I used the Hi-Brow Shadow and applied this with my Brush. I often find that it is always best to begin with a small amount so that if anything goes wrong, it is easier to build it up rather than take it all off and start again! Once I was happy with the amount on my brush, I then began to glide the brush across my eyebrow, starting with the corner closest to my eye by going over it and making it appear thicker, whilst going lighter towards the end to really add more emphasis and definition on the arch. 

For my facial hair, again, I used a small amount and began to blend in the Hi-Brow Shadow with my facial hair and blended this in those pesky patchy areas! I was pleasantly surprised with how natural looking this was, and how it didn't appear too obvious that this had been 'coloured in'!

Overall, a great and nifty way of adding more definition to both your eyebrows and beard/facial hair and one that doesn't require a lot of effort either.

To purchase the Hi-Brow Shadow click here, and to purchase the Brush Ware / Brow Angle, click here!

Have you tried either of these products before? Did you notice a difference from having used these? Will you be trying this method out? Do let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click the 'like' button!

*Please note, this post has been sponsored.