Whenever I think of Jo Malone, I think of green. Now, I'm not sure as to why I think of green exactly, but perhaps it's due to the many 'green notes' within the Jo Malone fragrances such as 'Lime Basil & Mandarin', 'Earl Grey & Cucumber', and most recently my newest favourite; Black Cedarwood & Juniper. 


I find this fragrance ultra stylish, slick and it simply oozes sophistication! I cannot begin to tell you, the amount of sheer compliments I have received from having worn this upon my skin. Black Cedarwood and Juniper is a fragrance which is both intriguing, as it is versatile by wearing this fragrance throughout the daytime, as well as the night-time. However, I really feel that this scent comes alive at night-time, and is a fragrance that I can guarantee, will get you noticed!

  • Top Note: Cumin
  • Middle Note: Juniper
  • Base Note: Black Cedarwood

With the initial spray, it bursts onto my skin, and the sillage of this is very powerful. The notes blend beautifully together, and has a real spicy feel to the fragrance. An instant winner in my eyes! When the dry-down kicks in, the Black Cedarwood is extremely prominent and highlights the woody notes. The longevity of Black Cedarwood and Juniper lasted for up to 6 hours upon my skin, and is encased within the iconic Jo Malone bottle. 

From having worn Black Cedarwood and Juniper for several days now, I have noticed that throughout the Jo Malone fragrances, they all have that same unique 'freshness' to them. Yet somehow, they are all unique both individually, and when blended together. A little tip? Try blending this fragrance with Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir. You can thank me later...

Black Cedarwood and Juniper is available in 30ml, and 100ml and you can purchase this here!

Have you smelt this fragrance before? What are your thoughts? Which of out of the Jo Malone fragrances is your favourite? Do let me know! As I love hearing feedback from you all, so leave a little comment down below in the comments box!