I had the pleasure of being able to attend the recent launch of Jo Malone’s newest collection; Blossom. The e-vite came through and it promised to be an ‘immersive way to experience the new Blossoms Collection through sound, vision and scent.’ Having attended Jo Malone events before, I knew I was going to attend something rather special, and so I naturally jumped at the chance of going!



The event took place at Victoria House in London, and as I made my way through the entrance, a whole sea of Jo Malone goody bags were there to greet us with different lights twinkling to set the mood. I then navigated through several dark rooms, and I stumbled across a long corridor with tranquil music playing throughout, again with different coloured lights changing with every beat. Once through the corridor, I walked into a large room with a long table in the middle of it displaying the most beautiful of flowers which proudly took centre stage with a DJ playing the latest tracks in the background.


What initially caught my eye when I first walked in, were these 4 rooms, hidden behind a fuzzy screen, all of which were lit up in different colours to represent the four Limited Edition Blossom scents;

  1. Green - Star Magnolia

  2. Pink - Silk Blossom

  3. Yellow - Frangipani Flower

  4. Orange - Orange Blossom

My personal favourites were the Star Magnolia and the classic Orange Blossom and much to my delight, the Orange Blossom was actually found inside my goody bag which made for the perfect treat in time for Spring! I will be doing a separate blog review on the Orange Blossom fragrance shortly, so do check back for that.


The full Blossoms Collection includes:

Frangipani Flower Cologne 30ml £49 // 100ml £98

Silk Blossom Cologne - 30ml £49 // 100ml £98

Star Magnolia Cologne - 30ml £49 // 100ml £98

Orange Blossom Cologne - 30ml £49 // 100ml £98

Silk Blossom Home Candle - 200g // £49

Star Magnolia Hair Mist - 50ml // £44

Orange Blossom Hair Mist - 50ml // £44

Orange Blossom Diffuser - 165ml // £65


I had a wonderful time at the Blossoms Collection Launch and I found it to be a unique, innovative way to experience fragrance! The Blossoms Collection is out now and is out for a limited time only, so do be quick to try out these treats! For more details, click here.

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SKINCARE: Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream, Myrrh & Tonka Shower Oil

Have you smelt any of the Blossoms scents and fragrances yet? Do you have any favourites? If so, which ones? Will you be trying any of these out? Have any of these caught your eye? Let me know below as I would love to hear from you and don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button!


Jo Malone’s latest fragrance addition to their Cologne Intense Collection comes in the form of Bronze Wood & Leather. A dark, moody and sensual fragrance, Bronze Wood & Leather aims to encapsulate the feeling of escaping the everyday life…


I had the pleasure of receiving a bottle of this fragrance, alongside an invitation to my local Jo Malone Boutique where I was able to have a hand & arm massage treatment! I took my Mother along with me and I opted to have my personal favourite scent; Myrrh & Tonka in the body creme whilst my Mother went for her favourite scent; Neroli & Basil body creme. The lovely assistant then sprayed the new Bronze Wood & Leather on top to layer it with our chosen body scents and combined with Myrrh & Tonka, this gave it a deeper, earthier feel to a bold, daring scent! Thank you to the team at Harrogate for inviting us along, we had a lovely morning and the glass of Prosecco wasn’t too bad either…


  • Top Notes: Grapefruit

  • Middle Notes: Juniper, Smoke

  • Base Notes: Leather, Vetiver

The opening of Bronze Wood & Leather has a real smokey feel to it with a faint underlying note of the Grapefruit coming through giving it a sweet, fruity edge that fades away shortly after into a deeper, muskier scent. During the dry-down, the fragrance becomes predominantly more leather and woody which has a silage that is medium albeit heavy at times with an impressive lasting power with the fragrance staying close to my skin for up to 6 hours.

For me, Bronze Wood & Leather is a fragrance that lives up to its name in terms of the leather aspect and has a strong smokey effect, however, I have found that wearing this alone has been pretty linear and doesn’t alter that much. When comparing the fragrance to other Jo Malone scents from the Cologne Intense Collection, it doesn’t have that special touch that Myrrh & Tonka or Oud & Bergamot both have which is why I would recommend wearing Bronze Wood & Leather with another fragrance to give it another dimension and to add another layer!

To purchase Bronze Wood & Leather, click here and to read more of my reviews on Jo Malone see below:

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SKINCARE: Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream, Myrrh & Tonka Shower Oil

Have you smelt Bronze Wood & Leather before? What did you think to it? Have you tried layering it with another fragrance? If so, which one? Let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you and don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button!


I cannot believe that this Christmas Gift Guide marks my third one, and that 2018 is almost over! Where has this year gone!? That being said, Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I wouldn’t be classed as a true blogger without bringing you a Gift Guide now would I? This Gift Guide contains many wonderful gift ideas such as skincare, fragrance, and scents for your home!





Sunday Riley - Holiday Heroes £100

One of my favourite newly found skincare brands of 2018: Sunday Riley! The Tidal - Water Enzyme Brightening Cream has become a new staple in my skincare routine and I love the fresh glow that it gives my skin and how hydrated my skin feels afterwards! To purchase, click here.

SACHAJUAN - Body Collection £68

One of my favourite haircare brands, SACHAJUAN have put together this special Holiday Body Collection which features: Normal Hair Shampoo 100ml, Hair Repair 100ml, Body Wash Shiny Citrus 300ml and Body Lotion Shiny Citrus 300ml. My personal favourite from this Holiday collection is their Hair Repair as my hair is bleached which means that it can often feel dry and limp, so the Hair Repair helps to restore it back to its natural state feeling healthy again! To purchase, click here.

Nivea - Shower & Shave Gift Set

I find that the Sensitive Shaving Foam from Nivea is the perfect way to ensure that my skin feels smooth without irritation, whilst the Sensitive Post Shave Balm helps to cool my skin down! Both of these products have 0% Alcohol within them meaning that there is no burning sensation and this Gift Set also comes with the 250ml Shower Gel which can be used for Body, Face & Hair. To purchase, you can find this Gift Set at a local drugstore such as Boots or Superdrug!

GLAMGLOW - My Little Pony Glitter Mask £30

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little bit of camp and sparkle right!? These little Glitter Masks from GLAMGLOW are a fun way of getting all of the benefits of their original GRAVITYMUD™ Firming Treatment and help to make the skins contours look more defined after use. I have had a lot of fun using these with friends as they are a great addition for a pamper night! To purchase, click here.



Jo Malone - Orange Bitters Limited Edition (30ml) £48

When I first smelt Orange Bitters a few years ago, I will admit that it wasn’t my favourite scent and I found the opening a little too sharp for me, but after spraying it again this year on a whim, I fell in love with it! A cosy, warm fragrance that has a longevity of 5-6 hours on my skin with a sillage that feels light-medium and is guaranteed to get you a compliment or two! To purchase, click here.

Jimmy Choo - Man Gift Set £45.50

Containing the iconic fragrance ‘Man’ in both Eau De Toilette (50ml) and All-Over Shower Gel (100ml), this gift set is ideal to splurge out on a treat for yourself or a man in your life who enjoys smelling fresh with a woody twist! To purchase, click here.

Jimmy Choo - Eau De Parfum (60ml) £57

Another offering from Jimmy Choo, this time in the female form! Perfect for the special woman in your life who will feel luxurious by wearing this with the notes of Pear Nectar, Sweet Italian Orange, Tiger Orchid, Toffee and Indonesian Patchouli. To purchase, click here.

David Beckham - Inspired By Respect Gift Set £19.95

This gift set by David Beckham contains the Eau De Toilette (40ml) and the Shower Gel (200ml). The fragrance contains notes such as Bergamot, Cardamom and AmberXtreme which has a sophisticated feel, perfect for an evening! To purchase, click here.

Vera Wang - Embrace Green Tea & Pear Blossom Gift Set £40

An elegant fragrance for an elegant woman that feels fresh and floral with notes of Peony, Orange Blossom which then dries down into a muskier take with the note of Sandalwood finishing the fragrance off on a confident note! This gift set contains the Eau De Toilette (30ml) alongside the Body Lotion (75ml). To purchase, click here.



Molton Brown - Festive Frankincense & All Spice (180g) and Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine (180g) £42 each

Molton Brown’s Limited Edition Christmas candles come in two different scents, the first being; Festive Frankincense & All Spice which contains:

  • Top Notes: Elemi, Caraway, Pimento Berry.

  • Middle Notes: Frankincense, Cedarwood, Guaiac Wood.

  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood.

For me, out of the two, this one is my favourite! It just screams Christmas and has a spicy feel to the scent which leaves the room smelling wonderfully festive and cosy! To purchase, click here.

The second scent is the; The Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine which is a complete contrast to the Festive Frankincense and contains:

  • Top Notes: Juniper Berry, Violet Leaf, Elemi.

  • Middle Notes: Pine Tree, Cedarwood, Clary Sage.

  • Base Notes: Balsam, Oakmoss, Musk Notes.

To me, this candle epitomises ‘Winter Wonderland’ and has a real green, earthy tone to the scent! To purchase either of these, click here.

Anya Hindmarch - Chewing Gum £50

When I first saw the name of this candle, I was immediately wanting to get my hands on this! I carry chewing gum around with me everywhere so this candle felt very apt for me. Anyway! When I first smelt this, the notes of Mint and Pink Pepper were the most prominent and when I lit the candle, the scent became fruity and fresh. Perhaps better suited for Spring/Summer! This candle is ideal for those looking for a gift that’s a little quirky and different this Christmas! To purchase, click here.

Chapter Organics - The Remedy Candle £22

Hand poured, all natural, soy wax candle with a single cotton wick, The Remedy Candle is a fusion of Peppermint, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Essential Oils. This blend of ingredients aims to help those experiencing the symptoms of a cold, nausea, congestion and sickness. I can vouch for this helping to relieve those symptoms as when I was suffering from a cold, due to the being scent rather overpowering and strong, that despite not being able to smell other things, I could smell this candle! The scent lingers in the air long after it has burnt, and I also love that Chapter Organics are based in Boston Spa, just 30 minutes from where I live! To purchase, click here.

Sanctuary Spa - Divine Candle Trio £9.37

This gorgeous little trio of candles by Sanctuary Spa comes in the scents of;

  1. Golden Rose Oud

  2. Signature Sanctuary

  3. Vanilla Gingersnap

All of these are 50g and I have found these to be delightful scents! My personal favourite is the Vanilla Gingersnap, creamy with a spicy kick! To purchase, click here for a list of places to buy from.


I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas Gift Guide this year as much as I have enjoyed putting it together! All that’s left to say now is, have a fabulous Christmas!

Have you got your hands on any of these gifts mentioned in my Gift Guide? Are there any you would love to try out? Do you have your eye on any of these for yourself? Do you like my choices this year? Let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button!


One of the main things I look forward to during the Autumn season is the opportunity to indulge in a new candle! With the weather turning colder, there is no better excuse than to keep warm by snuggling up inside with a freshly lit candle. Candles have come a long way in recent years with many major brands now dipping their toes into the ‘candle pool’ so to speak, and as an avid lover of all things scented, here are my top 5 favourite candles for this Autumnal season!






Top: Black Pepper, Coriander Seeds
Heart: Sandalwood
Base: Bourbon Vanilla, Sesame

My first purchase from Byredo was in fact the Bibliothéque candle which you can read the review in fragrance form here. As the wax began to burn out due to excessive use by myself (you can’t blame me when the scent is so stunning), I was on the lookout for another candle in replacement and came across Ambre Japonais! A sophisticated, rich and sensual scent that fills the room/space almost instantly. Perfect for the colder seasons as it gives off a warm, snug feeling. If you are a fan of oriental, spicy fragrances then this candle is definitely worth trying out!

To purchase, click here.



Notes: Patchouli, Indian Cypriol

Benjoin is my all time favourite candle by Diptyque! It is so creamy and powerful yet remains delicate.

A blend that sits just in between caramel and vanilla, this candle comes in the instantly recognisable Diptyque glass jar, a staple in any beauty bloggers photography!

If you like fragrances that are heavy and rich, then I would definitely consider Benjoin!

To purchase, click here.




Top: Pomegranate
Heart: Casablanca Lily
Base: Guaiacwood

In my opinion Pomegranate Noir is what makes Jo Malone so special. A luxurious scent that fills the air with sophistication and class, I find that Pomegranate Noir can be burnt at any time of the year but smells crisp and fresh during the colder seasons!

If you have ever smelt Pomegranate Noir in fragrance form, then it is a given that you will thoroughly enjoy it in candle form.

To purchase, click here.



Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Vetiver, Tobacco Leaves

One of the top selling fragrances by Maison Margiela, Jazz Club is inspired by an evening in a hazy bar with the undertones of leather coming through. This candle when lit has a slight boozy feel to it and unlike the others previously, is a lot softer.

That being said, when leaving the area and returning to it moments later, the scent hits you lightly without being too overpowering.

If you are a fan of woody, oriental and spicy fragrances then I would recommend trying out Jazz Club!

At the time of writing this post, the Jazz Club candle has sold out online, but is available to purchase in departments stores such as Selfridges, John Lewis and Harvey Nichols.




Top: Black Leather, Oregano Essence, Juniper Wood Essence
Heart: Cacao Bean Absolute, Myrrh Resinoid, Cade Essence, Akigalawood
Base: Styrax Resinoid, Cedarwood Essence, Haitian Vetiver Essence, Cistus Labdanum Essence from Concrete

A sultry and bold scent that imitates the texture of leather which lingers in the air long after burning! I find this candle to be rather similar to the Jazz Club in that it is a rather soft scent yet still has that spicy throw that fills up the room/area.

If you like leather fragrances (think Tom Ford - Tuscan Leather) then perhaps this candle will suit you!

To purchase, click here.


Judging by my top 5 candles this year, I think it is safe to say that I like oriental, spicy and sensual scents! I hope you have enjoyed my choices and I would love to know which are your favourite candles! Don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button below, and do leave me a comment so I know which other candles I should look out for.



I had been invited down to the Jo Malone Townhouse in London yesterday for an exclusive look at the brands upcoming Christmas range, and having gone consecutively for the past three years/Christmases, there was no way I was going to be missing this years!


As I made my way up the stairs, there were two huge glitter balls and it gave off a relaxed yet fun vibe compared to the previous years. I walked into the room and immediately saw a huge ‘box’ filled with hanging decorations and Jo Malone goodies which looked absolutely stunning! We were all able to get inside of the box and create our very own gif with the decorations, I would post mine but I just looked awkward so I’ll keep this one private for now…


I walked through to the other room where there was a huge screen projecting ‘All That Sparkles’ Christmas Campaign, and sat beautifully in front of the screen were all of this years Christmas goodies which I’m sure you’re all wanting to know about…



(Available from October 2018)

  • Deluxe Candle Collection - Pomegranate Noir (£360)

  • Advent Calendar (£300)

  • Ultimate Christmas Cracker - Customisable

  • Luxury Cologne Collection (£370)

  • House Of Jo Malone London - (£115)

  • Cologne Collection Pomegranate Noir - (£70)

  • Cologne Intense Collection - (£88)

  • Pomegranate Noir Collection - (£83)

  • Miniature Candle Collection - (£66)

  • Body Créme Collection - (£63)

  • Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Black Cedarwood & Juniper Duo - (£109)

  • English Oak & Hazelnut and Basil & Neroli Duo - (£62)

  • Miniature Soap Collection - (£36)

  • Christmas Cracker - (£32)

  • Christmas Ornament - (£22)

  • White Moss & Snowdrop Deluxe Candle - (£126)

  • White Moss & Snowdrop Cologne 100ml - (£96)

  • Lime Basil & Mandarin Hand Wash 250ml - (£26)

  • Exclusive Limited Edition Pomegranate Noir Cologne 100ml - (£96)

  • Exclusive Limited Edition English Pear & Freesia Cologne 100ml - (£96)

  • Pine & Eucalyptus Luxury Candle - (£300)

  • Pine & Eucalyptus Home Candle - (£47)

  • Pine & Eucalyptus Diffuser - (£62)

  • Pine & Eucalyptus Room Spray - (£46)

  • Orange Bitters Cologne 100ml - (£96)

  • Orange Bitters Cologne 30ml - (£48)

  • Orange Bitters Home Candle - (£47)

  • Ginger Biscuit Cologne 100ml - (£96)


Orange Bitters and Pine & Eucalyptus are both back! Two seasonal favourites of mine, and you may have noticed a new seasonal, limited edition fragrance listed: White Moss & Snowdrop. Having had the chance to smell this on my skin, I can reveal that it is incredibly long lasting (I sprayed this at around 2pm and could still smell this when I left London at 8pm!) Once my memory has been refreshed, I will do a full blog review of this when it releases.


The theme throughout most of the Christmas packaging this year is hologram and glitter, the hologram looks gorgeous when caught in the right light and the glitter sparkles brightly, and let’s just take a look at that stunning Limited Edition Pomegranate Noir bottle!? In my personal opinion this has been my most favourite Christmas packaging that Jo Malone have done to date due to taking the brand back to its simplicity and adding a fun element to it all!


All of the products listed will be released nationwide from 23rd October 2018 with the Advent Calendar being released exclusively to Harrods on 1st October 2018 and then nationwide from 1st November 2018. As always, these are expected to sell out almost instantly so be sure to dash to your nearest Jo Malone Boutique or keep refreshing their website! A huge thank you to the team at Jo Malone for inviting me down and bring on the baubles!


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SKINCARE: Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream, Myrrh & Tonka Shower Oil

Having seen the images and the product list, has it got you excited for Christmas? Which sounds most appealing to you? What do you think to the hologram packaging and the glitter? Do you have any personal favourites from Jo Malone? If so, which ones? Do let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don’t forget to click that ‘like’ button below!


I have previously reviewed the stunning fragrance; Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone before which can be read here, and having owned the fragrance now for more than a year, it is still to this date, one of my favourites and one that gains me many compliments. If you haven't had the chance to smell it yet, then where on earth have you been?


Myrrh & Tonka is now available in a Shower Oil and having tried this for the past month or so on my body, it has been the perfect way to layer up and add a bold boost to an already well-rounded fragrance. Containing Sunflower and Castor Seed Oils, these are used to help nourish and soften your skin whilst leaving a sublime scent of the Tonka Bean note blending beautifully with the warm Myrrh notes.

I applied the Shower Oil to my body whilst showering and found that the oil was easy to apply, my skin felt soft to touch and the scent of Myrrh & Tonka lingered on my skin for hours afterwards! To maximise the Myrrh & Tonka to its full advantage, I then applied a few sprays of the Myrrh & Tonka in fragrance form to create more of an impact!

To purchase Jo Malone - Myrrh & Tonka Shower Oil, click here. This Shower Oil also comes in the Velvet Rose & Oud scent!

To read more of my Jo Malone reviews, be sure to click on these links also on - English Fields,  English Oak & RedcurrantTobacco & MandarinDark Amber & Ginger Lily, and of course, Myrrh & Tonka!

Have you tried the Myrrh & Tonka Shower Oil before? Have you smelt the Myrrh & Tonka fragrance? What are your thoughts? Did the Shower Oil leave you feeling nourished? Do let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click the 'like' button below!


English Fields; A Harvest of 5 Limited Edition fragrances which have all taken inspiration from the English Landscape and each one is as equally captivating as they are stunning!

'Sunlight skipping across golden fields. Plentiful. Rich with precious grains. A warm and wholesome celebration. Poppies dancing in the wind. Alive with colour.'

Within the English Fields Collection you have 5 fragrances:

  1. Poppy & Barley - Rich red poppies. Fruity with blackcurrant. Cocooned by barley and bran. Softened with powdery notes of white musk.
  2. Primrose & Rye - Primroses warmed by golden corn. Brightened with mimosa on an addictive base of rye and vanilla.
  3. Oat & Cornflower - Wholesome Oats. Warm and delicious. Enlivened by vivid blue cornflowers and a hint of hazelnut. Complemented by an elegant vetiver base.
  4. Honey & Crocus - Mouth-watering honey. Blended with the bright bloom of crocuses and English lavender. Sweetened with a dash of almond milk.
  5. Green Wheat & Meadowsweet - Green Wheat. Crisp and fresh. Balanced with a zesty twist of grapefruit. Mingled with soft, white notes of Meadowsweet.


I was fortunate enough to have received two fragrances from the Limited Edition Collection which were;

jo malone english fields.jpg
jo malone oat and cornflower.jpg


Notes: Oats, Cornflower, Hazelnut, Vetiver

The opening of Oat & Cornflower begins with a rather woodsy feel to it with the Hazelnut note being the most prominent for me, which at first is crisp but shortly afterwards the fragrance then dries down into a much more smoother, well-rounded scent. For me, my favourite part was the dry-down, where the fragrance began to unravel its layers and what was left, was a warm base.

The longevity of Oat & Cornflower I found to last on my skin for up to 4 hours which was a little short compared to the other Jo Malone fragrances that I have reviewed before.

Having said that, Oat & Cornflower is a much softer, delicate scent, so I wasn't expecting the longevity to be as powerful as Myrrh & Tonka or Tobacco & Mandarin! I found the sillage to be light-medium and would recommend wearing this throughout the daytime! 

jo malone green wheat and meadowsweet.jpg


Notes: Wheat, Green Notes, Grapefruit, Meadowsweet

I'll be honest, when I first smelt Green Wheat & Meadowsweet I was a little blasé about the scent. It didn't WOW me in the first few seconds so I disregarded it slightly. But, with any fragrance that I wear, I naturally give it a chance and wear it several times to really get a more rounded opinion and I have to say, this is now probably my favourite Jo Malone scent. Ever. I know, I've gone from one extreme to another but bear with!

The opening of Green Wheat & Meadowsweet is loud, bold and sharp. Initially, the opening is what put me off the fragrance but after several wears, that sharp boldness is what I now love! That freshness of the Green Notes begins with a citrusy feel that soon then dries down into a fruity and softer fragrance.

The longevity of Green Wheat & Meadowsweet lasted much longer than the Oat & Cornflower fragrance and lasted between 6/7 hours on my skin! I gained a lot of compliments from wearing this as it is a head turner due to that boldness within the fragrance and I would say that the sillage is medium-loud. I would recommend wearing this perhaps late evening/nighttime! 


To learn more about the English Fields Collection, click here! Each bottle comes in 30ml size and are all priced at £47 each. As mentioned before, this is a Limited Edition Collection so do be quick!

jo malone english fields collection 1.jpg

Don't forget to check out my other Jo Malone fragrance reviews such as English Oak & RedcurrantTobacco & MandarinDark Amber & Ginger Lily, and Myrrh & Tonka!

Have you smelt any of the English Fields fragrances? Which ones have you smelt? Have you smelt either Oat & Cornflower or Green Wheat & Meadowsweet? Which did you prefer? Do you have any favourites from the Collection? Which is your all-time favourite Jo Malone fragrance? Do let me know your thoughts, as I would love to hear from you and don't forget to click that 'like' button below!