I've known Jsky for a while now, however, I was still just as excited and honoured to have been asked to be one of his official bloggers for his first event!


The day had arrived and my friend and I had come up with a silly list of 'Things that could go wrong tonight' beforehand, and the one thing neither of us had anticipated, was snow. Never, have I resented snow so badly! I currently reside in Harrogate and the Fashion Event was all the way over in Manchester. A journey which approximately takes 10 minutes, took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get from my house to my friends. Fuming, was just one of the words to describe how I felt during that car journey!

We eventually made it all the way to Manchester, albeit 5 hours later, and it suddenly dawned on me.. I had no shoes for the event! My sister quickly pulled over to the Arndale Centre and I ran for dear life, straight to Next and grabbed the nearest loafers I could find. There was about 40 minutes until the event was due to start, and the 'getting ready' process was extremely chaotic to say the least! I wore a navy, knitted jumper and I had my trousers altered and tailor-made for me, both of which were from Reiss. Of course, I just had to wear Tom Ford- Tobacco Oud as the accompanying fragrance for the night!

The event was held at The Living Room in Manchester and as our taxi pulled up, we could see all of the paparazzi's waiting. I thought I was going to pass out, I was so nervous! I opened up the taxi door and the paps all put their cameras away. I kind of died inside a little, but okay yes, perhaps it was a bit presumptuous to think that I would get papped, but still! We entered The Living Room and as it was my first time there, I hadn't a clue on what to expect.

The venue, was divine. It had a real sophistication about the place and everybody was impeccably dressed! My friend and I had ordered a drink, and then we were ushered upstairs by Jsky where the show was to take place. Jsky wore his own custom made earrings and top. The top was covered in feathers and he also wore a skirt which was from WeAreCow. He looked fabulous! But then again, I'd expect nothing less from him! To get upstairs, was a little journey in itself. A door covered in fairy lights, disguised itself into the wall and opened itself up! We'd been told to find somewhere to sit, so we found ourselves sat in the front row 'The Frow' and watched the seats start to fill up around us. 

Jsky Fashion Night kicked off with Jsky performing two of his singles, 'Liv' and 'Didn't Mean To Turn You On'. Both of these songs have got a real chilled out, house vibe. Perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons! Take a listen here! The Fashion Show then commenced, with models strutting down the catwalk for the many brands; Coco Couture followed by the Mens range for Luxxuss.  

We were then treated to a performance by the gorgeous, IONE who sang her single 'Back In The Day' which you can check out! Sofia Dourvara was then the next brand to be showcased, shortly followed by the Mens brand Simon + Simon.

The singer Iman then gave us a performance of two songs, and her vocals were sublime. Her cover of Jason Derulo's 'Want To Want Me' was the highlight! Definitely worth checking her out! Luxxus was then showcased again, this time being the women's range. The headline brand Intense Clothing showcased their fashion range resulting in the end of the fashion show!

Misha B closed the night with two stellar performances, 'Hold Me Close' and 'Do You Think Of Me'. During her performances, I felt that that, was when I realised how fortunate I was to be there and how lucky I was to have been asked to attend! Jsky joined Misha B on the stage midway and they both gave us a fantastic performance! 

The show finished and this allowed us to network and meet lots of new people. The drinks kept flowing and I really immersed myself, I spoke to loads of amazing people, gave out my business cards and I managed to get photos with a couple of celebrities! I had an amazing time there, and it was definitely a night which will forever be etched in my memories.

I'd just like to thank Jsky for inviting me, a hugely successful event and I hope you continue on to have many more!