I'll be honest. I wish I was able to write this post with a bit more depth to it, however, life doesn't always go to plan and this is what I learnt on my latest trip to London. 

I'd gone with the intention of attending the Bloggers Hangout from having received their official invite as part of The London Fashion Week Event, yet it wasn't quite how I had imagined. Don't get me wrong! The event itself was amazing, with lots of different stalls featuring many different brands of foods and drinks. However, I just wish there had been something more tailored for male bloggers, but that's just my observation. 

I'd met up with my friend and after having attended the Bloggers Hangout, we then left Hoxton and made our way over to Embankment. We strolled around until my friend had urged me to try out one of his favourite wine bars; Gordon's. I can safely say, this is now my favourite too! The whole place was just magical. The low, stoned ceiling gave off the impression that we were in a cave. The bar itself was tiny, yet somehow we didn't feel crammed in. I'm not a wine connoisseur so I left it up to him to choose my drink, and he certainly chose the best! It was a dry, white wine and it went down like juice. I rarely drink wine so I certainly felt the effects once we had left! 

We then made our way over to the National Portrait Gallery where I had booked myself in for a ticket to attend the Vogue Exhibition. You can read about my thoughts and experience of that for Magnate Magazine. 

Shortly afterwards we decided to forgo getting the tube, as the weather was dry and it's much more satisfying being able to see London in full whilst walking around. We took a detour into Fortnum and Mason's and I'm a little ashamed to say that I was pleasantly surprised to realise that this was a huge store! I thought Fortnum and Mason's was an expensive, little, wine boutique! I was right about the expense, just wrong about the scale... 

I'd seen that Tom Ford had released his latest aftershave 'Neroli Portofino: Forte' as part of a Harrods exclusive so there was no way, I was leaving London without having smelt this! This fragrance to me, is an extremely intense version of the original. I adore it! I'll have a full review of this in full, once it is released nationwide very shortly, so be sure to come back for that! 

We had wrapped up our day in London by eating at Carluccio's, I had the Milanese Di Pollo with the Patate. It was to die for! Naturally, I had vodka and lemonade to accompany this meal. I then caught my train and headed back home. Overall, my day in London was the best. I had such a wonderful time, and although I'd gone with a mindset of what to expect, I'd left feeling happy and accomplished. 

Did you attend the Bloggers Hangout? What did you think? Have you visited London recently? Where is your favourite place to go? Let me know!