I had been given two products, both from The Lab Series for me to trial out; All-In-One Shower Gel and the Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask. In this post today, I will be focusing on the All-In-One Shower Gel, so make sure you come back to check out my thoughts on the Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask!

The Shower Gel targets 3 areas; 

  • Face- I found that once I had used this over my face, my skin felt a lot cleaner and looked refreshed too. This shower gel states that this can also be used whilst shaving! Now, due to having facial hair, I wasn't able to try this part out. However, my Father tried this out for me and he found that the skin didn't feel irritated whilst using this, and also found it made the razor glide across this skin easier whilst shaving!
  • Body- The scent of this smelt very fresh, and left my body feeling clean! However, I found the texture of this to be quite thick and gloopy at times.. 
  • Hair- I really noticed a difference with this area. My hair felt healthier, and any product I had in my hair prior to this, seemed to disappear almost immediately! 

My favourite fact of the Shower Gel, is that it is all-in-one! I have found this has helped massively when travelling and staying overnight somewhere. It's been a good fit within my toiletry bag as I haven't needed to worry about two, big, bulky bottles taking up a lot of space! You can purchase the All-In-One Shower Gel here

Have you tried any of the Lab Series products before? Have you used this All-In-One Shower Gel? Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments section as I'd love to hear some feedback! Don't forget to check back soon for the Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask review too!