Bear with me on this one.. I made a Facebook status asking my friends and followers if they had any solutions to having a 'shiny face' from fake tanning, and lo and behold.. I received the 'Matte Renewal Lotion' from LAB Series! If there was ever a sign or a coincidence, then this was definitely one.

I wouldn't necessarily say that I have oily skin, or that my skin appears greasy, however usually after applying fake tan or any tinted moisturiser, it tends to look extremely shiny which proves slightly embarrassing for any photos I may have been snapped in!

Launched in stores from September 2016, this is a relatively new product and one I thoroughly recommend trying out! The Matte Renewal Lotion recommends to apply the lotion in the morning and in the evening, both on the face and neck.

Only a few pumps of the lotion was needed and I found the application easily glided across my skin, and the results were instant. Any shine upon my forehead had been reduced, and my skin looked mattified and more hydrated! I also want to mention how slick the packaging looks, and I found the lotion to have a slight suncream smell to it!

I am a huge fan of LAB Series, and you can read about my other blog post reviews on their All In One Shower Gel, and their Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask (this remains one of my all time favourite face masks!)

The Matte Renewal Lotion is available to purchase here.  Have you tried any of the LAB Series products before? Which did you try, and how did you find it? Don't forget to hit that like button down below, and leave me a comment so I know what you guys think!