I had been sent a wonderful package of 'Grooming Gifts' by Rituals... of which it contained their;

  • Calming Aftershave Lotion
  • Face Scrub & Wash
  • Foaming Face Wash
  • Mild & Caring Shaving Cream

Whilst sporting facial hair, this inevitably meant that I was unable to try out the Shaving Cream and the Aftershave Lotion. However, I was still infatuated with both of the scents! Both of which had an 'earthy' undertone to them. 


My favourite out of the two, I love the way this foams up and feels upon my skin! You may be forgiven for mistaking this for shaving foam however...


I gently massaged this onto my skin whilst it was slightly damp, and with it being a scrub it has an exfoliant feel to it which allowed the scrub to work its magic! My skin felt replenished and appeared healthier!

I also visited the Rituals boutique down in London, Covent Gardens. How chic is their decor!? You can view the full Mens Skincare Range by Rituals here!

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