I had been extremely lucky to have been sent some products from The Grooming Clinic and one of the products was the Kyoku Eye Fuel. This product came just at the right time as my family and friends had been so kind to me recently, telling me how tired I look! Bless...

As much as I'd hate to admit, they were right. My bags had gotten deeper and appeared darker than normal and unfortunately for me, these bags weren't designer.

The Kyoku Eye Fuel states that it is an 'uplifting eye gel' and I can honestly say this product really works. I have been using this now for around 2 weeks and I can already tell a difference. The bottle has two nozzles in which the gel and crème seep out of and on one side you have the cellular radiance crème, on the other you have the uplifting gel.

I had experimented a few nights with trying one or the other just by itself but this product works best when both have been applied simultaneously. I had applied the uplifting gel first, then the crème on top. The uplifting gel has a blue tint and glides perfectly when applied under both of the eyelids. The crème however, is slightly thick yet does not feel gloopy or heavy which is great as I'm always cautious when it comes to applying creams near my eyes!

My eye area appeared brighter and the deep purple bags that were once there before, had a softer look to them and didn't appear to be as heavy or dark as they used to be. I thoroughly recommend you purchase this as I've noticed a difference already in the 2 weeks that I've been applying this, so hopefully once I've worked my way through the tube, the difference will be even greater.

Have you tried this product before? Do you suffer from dark bags under your eyes? Let me know as I'd love to hear some feedback from you!