Last year, when I visited the Harley Street Hair Loss Clinic, Nadeem very kindly gifted me a few shampoos, one of which, was the 'Ocean Mist' Shampoo by Sacha Juan. Instantly, this became one of my new favourites! So when I had been sent out a bundle of Sacha Juan products by The Grooming Clinic, naturally I was ecstatic to further try out more of their products!

The Sacha Juan products that I received were;

  • Normal Hair Shampoo
  • Hair Cleansing Cream
  • Ocean Mist
  • Hair Wax


Prior to trying the Hair Cleansing Cream out, I only ever shampooed my hair and didn't bother much with any conditioners or hair cleansers. Yet, ever since using the Hair Cleansing Cream, it is now a firm staple within my haircare regime, and I couldn't imagine not using this! I apply the Cleansing Cream after the shampoo, and massage it into my scalp to allow full results of the cleanse. After rinsing the cream out, my hair almost feels like silk. It feels so incredibly soft and clean! I use the Hair Cleansing Cream twice a week as I find that too much usage of this, can leave my hair feeling slightly greasy. You can purchase the Hair Cleansing Cream here.


At first, I wasn't too sure on what this product actually did. I know that may sound silly, but I didn't know if it was a hairspray, or something to keep your hair in place. It is neither. In fact, this actually does the opposite, it enables you to play around and style your hair and I have found it to be a life saver to get 'pat down' those annoying stray-away hairs that won't get into place! The Ocean Mist adds volume and texture to my hair, which is ideal as I find that it helps with styling and texturising! You can purchase the Ocean Mist here.


I am infatuated with the scent of this shampoo, of course shampoos are supposed to smell clean and fresh, however this particular shampoo truly epitomises that! My hair was soft to touch, and whenever I have finished using this, my hair always feels really well conditioned and nourished. 


Unfortunately, I found the Hair Wax to be too soft to style my hair with, and found that it didn't help with anything... Perhaps their Hair Paste might be a better fit for me? That being said however, the Hair Wax has the signature Sacha Juan scent to it! You can purchase the Hair Wax here.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with Sacha Juan's haircare range, and I hope to use more of their products and try out new ones in the near future! I must add, that purchasing Sacha Juan products here in the UK is actually quite difficult, (unless I've been looking in the wrong places?) so luckily, The Grooming Clinic stocks a full range of the Sacha Juan products! You can view the full range here.

Have you tried any of the Sacha Juan Haircare products before? Which is your favourite? Have you bought anything from The Grooming Clinic before? Do let me know your thoughts, as I would love to hear from you! Also, don't forget to click that 'like' button down below!

FOR HIM; 2016

As a follower of various other bloggers, I know that I am probably very late to the game with regards to my 'Christmas Gift Guide'! Nevertheless, if you're somebody who leaves things to the last minute, such as myself, then perhaps this Gift Guide will give you a little nudge to get a move on! After all, Christmas Day is only 17 days away...

My Gift Guide consists of all of the items that I personally have used, what I love, and are what I feel, would make great presents for that special man in your life! *Please note*: Some of these products can be classed as unisex! Also, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming 'For Her' Gift Guide this Sunday!



Each of the three fragrances that I have chosen all have that smokey, musky undertone to them and I find that with each fragrance, they are all equally as powerful as they are captivating.


I chose Gentlemen's Tonic as their products all make my hair feel soft, well nourished, and their luxurious scent of 'Babassu and Bergamot', always leaves my hair smelling divine!

Maison Margiela Replica - By The Fireplace

Review || Purchase }

Jo Malone - Black Cedarwood & Juniper

Review || Purchase }

Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille

Review || Purchase }

Gentlemen's Tonic -

Gentle Body Wash

{ Purchase } 

Protein Conditioner

{ Purchase }

Daily Shampoo

{ Purchase }

Shower Gift Set

Purchase }



There's nothing more cosy, than lighting up a gorgeous scented candle at Christmas time, and I must have more candles than I care to count! However, these three candles stand out by a clear mile to me, due to their stunning design, their longevity, and most importantly, their scents!


I am lucky enough to try out a lot of skincare samples and products, and although I wish I could feature a lot more in, these are just a handful of skincare products that I keep going back to!

Kiehl's -

Hand Salve

Purchase }

Lip Balm

Purchase }

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Review || Purchase }

The Dapper Duke - Molten Marshmallow Beard Oil

Review }

Clinique - SPF 21 Moisturiser

Review || Purchase }

LAB Series - Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask

Review || Purchase }


Diptyque - John Galliano

Review || Purchase }

C.O. Bigelow - Smoke

Review || Purchase }

Byredo - Incense










Have you tried any of these products before? Will you be considering any of these as a gift? Which is your favourite? Any products on here that you've seen that I haven't reviewed yet, but want to know more about it? Do let me know! I reply to every comment, and always appreciate it when you reach out to me, and don't forget to click that 'like' button down below!


I really don't know how I'm going to begin with this post without being too graphic or nauseating for you all to read, however I shall try my best!


If you're somebody who doesn't have the time to shave, or you're too embarrassed to go for a wax, then this hair removal cream should sort out those problems for you! Another feature from The Grooming Clinic once again, I'd been sent the Inhibitif Hair Removal Cream, designed specifically to target the hairs around your private parts. As instructed, I shaved 'certain areas' and waited a few hours for irritation to calm down before applying this cream. This cream states that it:

Visibly minimises hair growth

Reduces irritation & redness

Targets ingrown hairs

Hydrates the skin deeply

I applied this cream, and instantly the cream cooled my skin down! The redness seemed to fade away quite quickly, and didn't appear as irritated as it had done when first shaved! I'd been applying this cream onto my 'areas' for just over a week now, and I can honestly say, the hair growth isn't as dense or as thick as it was before using this cream.

I've used different hair removal creams before, and they've often stunk my bathroom out with their nasty odours, however this cream is fragrance-free! 

You can purchase this here! Do you use hair removal cream often? Do you have a 'manscaping' regime? Let me know by leaving your comments below in the comment box!


I'd been given a chance to work with The Grooming Clinic once again! I love this brand and their website, so whenever they contact me, I always feel honoured and excited to see what products they have in store for me this time!


Fountain - Dietary Supplement 'The Hyaluronic Molecule'

This product is a first for my blog, and one I am really excited to share with you all! A winner at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards in 2014, it isn't hard to see why. This is a dietary supplement and requires you to take two teaspoons of this daily. I've hit a low with my health and my 'diet' these past couple of weeks, due to an illness and pure laziness really. So this sweetener came just at the right time, and reinforced just how much I needed to get back on track again!

I added two teaspoons of this to my water at breakfast time, and with the flavour of this being ginger, it certainly woke me up and left me feeling refreshed! Somebody had contacted me on my Facebook page, and had recommended trying this sweetener with blackcurrant.

Now this, was a lot better. The ginger wasn't as strong so it felt easier to swallow! Overall, a unique and exciting product, and one I will continue to take until I need more!

You can purchase this Dietary Supplement here! Have you tried this before? What do you think to it? Is this something you'd perhaps try out? Let me know, as I'd love to hear your thoughts!



Without a doubt, the question that I get asked the most is 'Can I have your number?'

Okay I'm kidding. 

It is in fact.. 'How do you get your teeth so white!?'

I'd been sent the Swiss Dent Crystal Whitening Toothcream along with the Kyoku Eye Fuel in which I've previously written about here, both from The Grooming Clinic.

For my 21st I was lucky enough to have had my teeth whitened professionally at a dentist, however I will be writing about that in greater detail in an upcoming post.. So be sure to check back for that!

The Swiss Dent Crystal Whitening Toothcream states that it can repair and whiten your teeth. This toothcream when once applied makes me feel as if I've just had a deep cleanse at the dentist. It is sublime! My teeth genuinely feel as if each tooth has been handpicked and cleaned thoroughly. The toothcream has definitely helped maintained the overall 'whiteness' of my teeth and I agree with the fact that it repairs your teeth as well as my gums feel slightly stronger and don't feel as sore as they sometimes do. I also love the whole packaging of this product as well, I find it to be very slick and well presented. 

You can purchase the Swiss Dent Crystal Whitening Toothcream here!

Have you tried this product before? Do you have a favourite teeth whitening product? Let me know!


I had been extremely lucky to have been sent some products from The Grooming Clinic and one of the products was the Kyoku Eye Fuel. This product came just at the right time as my family and friends had been so kind to me recently, telling me how tired I look! Bless...

As much as I'd hate to admit, they were right. My bags had gotten deeper and appeared darker than normal and unfortunately for me, these bags weren't designer.

The Kyoku Eye Fuel states that it is an 'uplifting eye gel' and I can honestly say this product really works. I have been using this now for around 2 weeks and I can already tell a difference. The bottle has two nozzles in which the gel and crème seep out of and on one side you have the cellular radiance crème, on the other you have the uplifting gel.

I had experimented a few nights with trying one or the other just by itself but this product works best when both have been applied simultaneously. I had applied the uplifting gel first, then the crème on top. The uplifting gel has a blue tint and glides perfectly when applied under both of the eyelids. The crème however, is slightly thick yet does not feel gloopy or heavy which is great as I'm always cautious when it comes to applying creams near my eyes!

My eye area appeared brighter and the deep purple bags that were once there before, had a softer look to them and didn't appear to be as heavy or dark as they used to be. I thoroughly recommend you purchase this as I've noticed a difference already in the 2 weeks that I've been applying this, so hopefully once I've worked my way through the tube, the difference will be even greater.

Have you tried this product before? Do you suffer from dark bags under your eyes? Let me know as I'd love to hear some feedback from you!