I'd been given a chance to work with The Grooming Clinic once again! I love this brand and their website, so whenever they contact me, I always feel honoured and excited to see what products they have in store for me this time!


Fountain - Dietary Supplement 'The Hyaluronic Molecule'

This product is a first for my blog, and one I am really excited to share with you all! A winner at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards in 2014, it isn't hard to see why. This is a dietary supplement and requires you to take two teaspoons of this daily. I've hit a low with my health and my 'diet' these past couple of weeks, due to an illness and pure laziness really. So this sweetener came just at the right time, and reinforced just how much I needed to get back on track again!

I added two teaspoons of this to my water at breakfast time, and with the flavour of this being ginger, it certainly woke me up and left me feeling refreshed! Somebody had contacted me on my Facebook page, and had recommended trying this sweetener with blackcurrant.

Now this, was a lot better. The ginger wasn't as strong so it felt easier to swallow! Overall, a unique and exciting product, and one I will continue to take until I need more!

You can purchase this Dietary Supplement here! Have you tried this before? What do you think to it? Is this something you'd perhaps try out? Let me know, as I'd love to hear your thoughts!