I really don't know how I'm going to begin with this post without being too graphic or nauseating for you all to read, however I shall try my best!


If you're somebody who doesn't have the time to shave, or you're too embarrassed to go for a wax, then this hair removal cream should sort out those problems for you! Another feature from The Grooming Clinic once again, I'd been sent the Inhibitif Hair Removal Cream, designed specifically to target the hairs around your private parts. As instructed, I shaved 'certain areas' and waited a few hours for irritation to calm down before applying this cream. This cream states that it:

Visibly minimises hair growth

Reduces irritation & redness

Targets ingrown hairs

Hydrates the skin deeply

I applied this cream, and instantly the cream cooled my skin down! The redness seemed to fade away quite quickly, and didn't appear as irritated as it had done when first shaved! I'd been applying this cream onto my 'areas' for just over a week now, and I can honestly say, the hair growth isn't as dense or as thick as it was before using this cream.

I've used different hair removal creams before, and they've often stunk my bathroom out with their nasty odours, however this cream is fragrance-free! 

You can purchase this here! Do you use hair removal cream often? Do you have a 'manscaping' regime? Let me know by leaving your comments below in the comment box!