English Fields; A Harvest of 5 Limited Edition fragrances which have all taken inspiration from the English Landscape and each one is as equally captivating as they are stunning!

'Sunlight skipping across golden fields. Plentiful. Rich with precious grains. A warm and wholesome celebration. Poppies dancing in the wind. Alive with colour.'

Within the English Fields Collection you have 5 fragrances:

  1. Poppy & Barley - Rich red poppies. Fruity with blackcurrant. Cocooned by barley and bran. Softened with powdery notes of white musk.
  2. Primrose & Rye - Primroses warmed by golden corn. Brightened with mimosa on an addictive base of rye and vanilla.
  3. Oat & Cornflower - Wholesome Oats. Warm and delicious. Enlivened by vivid blue cornflowers and a hint of hazelnut. Complemented by an elegant vetiver base.
  4. Honey & Crocus - Mouth-watering honey. Blended with the bright bloom of crocuses and English lavender. Sweetened with a dash of almond milk.
  5. Green Wheat & Meadowsweet - Green Wheat. Crisp and fresh. Balanced with a zesty twist of grapefruit. Mingled with soft, white notes of Meadowsweet.


I was fortunate enough to have received two fragrances from the Limited Edition Collection which were;

jo malone english fields.jpg
jo malone oat and cornflower.jpg


Notes: Oats, Cornflower, Hazelnut, Vetiver

The opening of Oat & Cornflower begins with a rather woodsy feel to it with the Hazelnut note being the most prominent for me, which at first is crisp but shortly afterwards the fragrance then dries down into a much more smoother, well-rounded scent. For me, my favourite part was the dry-down, where the fragrance began to unravel its layers and what was left, was a warm base.

The longevity of Oat & Cornflower I found to last on my skin for up to 4 hours which was a little short compared to the other Jo Malone fragrances that I have reviewed before.

Having said that, Oat & Cornflower is a much softer, delicate scent, so I wasn't expecting the longevity to be as powerful as Myrrh & Tonka or Tobacco & Mandarin! I found the sillage to be light-medium and would recommend wearing this throughout the daytime! 

jo malone green wheat and meadowsweet.jpg


Notes: Wheat, Green Notes, Grapefruit, Meadowsweet

I'll be honest, when I first smelt Green Wheat & Meadowsweet I was a little blasé about the scent. It didn't WOW me in the first few seconds so I disregarded it slightly. But, with any fragrance that I wear, I naturally give it a chance and wear it several times to really get a more rounded opinion and I have to say, this is now probably my favourite Jo Malone scent. Ever. I know, I've gone from one extreme to another but bear with!

The opening of Green Wheat & Meadowsweet is loud, bold and sharp. Initially, the opening is what put me off the fragrance but after several wears, that sharp boldness is what I now love! That freshness of the Green Notes begins with a citrusy feel that soon then dries down into a fruity and softer fragrance.

The longevity of Green Wheat & Meadowsweet lasted much longer than the Oat & Cornflower fragrance and lasted between 6/7 hours on my skin! I gained a lot of compliments from wearing this as it is a head turner due to that boldness within the fragrance and I would say that the sillage is medium-loud. I would recommend wearing this perhaps late evening/nighttime! 


To learn more about the English Fields Collection, click here! Each bottle comes in 30ml size and are all priced at £47 each. As mentioned before, this is a Limited Edition Collection so do be quick!

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Have you smelt any of the English Fields fragrances? Which ones have you smelt? Have you smelt either Oat & Cornflower or Green Wheat & Meadowsweet? Which did you prefer? Do you have any favourites from the Collection? Which is your all-time favourite Jo Malone fragrance? Do let me know your thoughts, as I would love to hear from you and don't forget to click that 'like' button below!